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The White Compakta Coffin

A protest against convention - manufactured and sold by us for over ten years. Revolutionary, the white finish allows painting in (preferably) water based paints for the expression of personal ideas.

Available in white only for painting or to use just as it is. Young people can gain great comfort in painting a relative's coffin. They can learn about and express grief in a caring manner, even before the death takes place.

As with all of our retail products, it is supplied ready assembled - our clients do not need screws and nails, pots of glue and confusing instructions. The coffin is made without screws or nails, plastic fittings or glues. The board itself is mostly composed of recycled products using natural starch glues, not organic poisons as used in some Chipboard.

All models are supplied for no extra charge with six handles made from cotton quite suitable for carrying or lifting, Internal Size 6' 0" x 18"

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