(Image above is of a painted Eco-Casket)

Image supplied by Amanda Hamilton
Copyright: Amanda Hamilton
Website: www.amanda-hamilton.com

This casket has been produced to meet the requirements of an increasingly discerning and aware public who have asked for a wider choice of funeral products, and a chance to reduce their  contribution to world pollution.

The patented design of this casket allows for a dignified and beautiful appearance which does not cause undue pollution or take up excessive amounts of valuable trees and yet is exceedingly practical, and inexpensive, suitable for either burial or cremation.

All of our coffins are made from cartonboard materials produced from unbleached pulp containing at least 60% recycled paper and wood pulp . We use only natural starch based glues in assembly - no bolts, screws, tape or other fixings. Our handles are made from natural woven cotton. No toxic pollution is produced when these coffins are buried or cremated"



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